We are your best court-martial defense team of experienced military defense attorneys ready to represent members of the Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force all over the world, CONUS, OCONUS, deployed, remote! Let us tell you why we're your best military defense lawyers for your case. x



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Andrew Cherkasky

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Katie Cherkasky

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Ben Beliles

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The Best Military Attorneys

The attorneys at Cherkasky Law represent the grouping of the best military attorneys in America. Collectively, we have over 30 years of experience in military law and have one of the most storied success records in recent history. We all served proudly in uniform and now have the unique privilege of continuing our fight for individual service members as civilians.

Becoming known as the best military attorneys is a long road. Individually, we each had successful law school careers that we immediately transitioned into military duty. Early in our time as military attorneys, we each had phenomenal success, all recognized as number 1 by our senior supervisors. Our early success led to each one of us receiving prestigious assignments.

History of Cherkasky Law

Andy was the first to separate from the military, and created Cherkasky Law.  His recognition as “the best” while in uniform quickly resulted in new clients and fantastic courtroom victories.  The reputation of the firm as hard-fighting, justice-demanding, and courtroom-dominating attorneys spread amongst all branches of service.

Over the following five years, the firm has expanded from a solo practice with Andy, to the leadership and attention to detail that Katie brings to the fight, and, more recently, the experience and courtroom talent that Ben adds.  Together, we are the most integrated team of experienced military attorneys out there today.  We operate as a team, each one of us aware of the details of the others’ cases, and committed to bringing the best defense through our joint efforts.

We are proud to say we have fought for clients in every branch, defeating serious allegations like sexual assault for each uniformed service.  Statistics aren’t kept to compare one firm to another, but the legend of our firm is cemented in the minds of JAGs and servicemembers worldwide as one the most winning law firms out there.  Our history of unlikely and difficult acquittals, especially in military sexual assault cases, is unmatched in our opinion.  Our past success proves that we have the skill and determination to take on the Government and win big cases, but every case is unique, so call us to talk directly about yours.